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Improve access, performance, and accountability with specialised logistics for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry.

Bayer's long-term alliance with Maersk

Explore Bayer's enduring 20-year partnership with Maersk, navigating the complexities of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Discover how this collaboration fosters compliance, adapts to industry shifts, and drives operational excellence.
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Maersk's vision for future pharma & healthcare logistics

In our modern, globalised world, where cross-border trade contributes 50% to GDP, the pharmaceutical & healthcare sectors have faced unprecedented challenges. Professionals in these fields are now navigating a shift towards reliability, transparency, and intelligence in supply chains. Our e-book delves into this evolving landscape, assessing innovations and envisioning the future of pharmaceutical & healthcare logistics. Explore how Maersk pioneers end-to-end innovation through advancements in processes, technology, and collaborative efforts.
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Manage, connect, simplify

The world’s leading pharmaceutical & healthcare companies rely on Maersk to deliver products safely, anywhere in the world. With our in-depth expertise, GDP compliance, end-to-end cold chain solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and long-standing commitment to sustainability – we're your partner for pharmaceutical & healthcare logistics.

Follow the pharma supply chain in our infographic to see how we go all the way.

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Re-evaluating the modal mix for pharmaceutical supply chains

Transporting the most fragile, high-value, regulated cargo in the world is complex. Even more so when you need to roll out billions of doses of a vaccine across continents to every person on the planet. Add to that the pressures of running a greener supply chain and pharma companies could find themselves in a dilemma. Unless they add a healthy dose of shipping to their modal mix. It’s reliable, makes essential products accessible to patients around the globe, and emits considerably less CO2 than most other modes of transportation.
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Building conscious supply chains with Novo Nordisk

Discover the transformative journey of Novo Nordisk alongside Maersk in crafting conscientious supply chains. Explore our pursuit of sustainability and the stride towards achieving a net-zero impact.